Rules and Guidelines

Mobile image making and sharing is by now widespread – an estimated 200 million people use image sharing apps. Prix Mobile aims to discover and encourage creative skill and vision by recognising great mobile art no matter who makes it, or the mobile device or apps used. At the same time, by introducing an award worth winning which is judged by leading artists and art professionals, we make it a real contest between digital equals.

Prix Mobile rules are designed to create a level playing field and structure a competition which gives everyone a fair chance of winning on merit.

Essentially, to enter the competition, three things are required:

  • you must create original images (or short form video) with a single mobile device
  • you must share your work publicly on a social network
  • you must tag them

If you are shortlisted by the judges, you will be asked to choose a category, or to accept a challenge.

You will then have ten days to complete your exhibition in whatever way you decide.

Prix Mobile Rules

  1. Contest entries are limited to one per person.
  2. Images must be still pictures, or short form video of no longer than 60 seconds.
  3. Images must be created using truly mobile (cellular) hardware, as defined by us, using apps / software running on the same mobile device.
  4. You must have created images yourself (we make an exception for disability – see 15).
  5. Sharing. Images must have been shared publicly on the mobile internet to a social network, via an app (such as but not limited to Instagram) from the mobile device where they were created. *
  6. Editing. As well as allowing user comments, the mobile app / software (which you use to access your image sharing social network) must have image editing functions and / or user-controllable filters. * You don’t have to use the filters, but they must be present in the app.
  7. Tagging. The social network must be searchable by tag, or #hashtag or similar form of user-definable metadata. Images you wish to be considered by the judges must be tagged #prixmobile2013 * You may tag as many images as you like – no limit, but we suggest you exercise your discretion.
  8. What you create is up to you. Anything goes, so long as it’s legal (see 17).
  9. Images do not have to originate from a photo. You can create images any way you wish so long as they end up as shared, digital image or video files.
  10. Images must be your original creation. Digital images of photographic prints, paintings, sculptures, logos, commercial trademarks, street art or other art where these are predominantly the subject of the image may be discounted, at the judges’ discretion.
  11. You must use a single digital mobile (cellular) device which meets our entry qualification for this contest. If your device is on our list, you can enter. This means no ‘high-end’ cameras – DSLR, SLR, medium format or similar. No laptops, no netbooks. No cameras with a wireless connection. **
  12. We don’t mind one bit about modifications to equipment, so long as what you use remains, in our opinion, a truly mobile device, and qualifies in all other respects.  **
  13. All comers means all comers. This is an open field. We don’t mind if you are a practising artist, a professional photographer or simply an image making and sharing enthusiast – so long as you operate a mobile device and post images to a social network as described, you can enter.
  14. Children can enter with parent’s or guardian’s permission. ***
  15. If you are a disabled person and you need assistance to make your images, you can enter, so long as you are registered as disabled in your local jurisdiction. ****
  16. There is no upper age limit.
  17. We don’t mind ‘edgy’ or challenging content, but the usual laws about decency, inciting hatred, and respecting copyright apply.
  18. Employees of Prize Arts as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) and household members of any such employee, officer and director are not eligible to participate in the contest.
  19. The judges’ decision will be final.
  20. By entering the Prix Mobile contest you accept these rules, and the accompanying Terms and Conditions.

* Rules 5, 6, 7.

No image making app + social network combination which doesn’t meet the “level playing field” contest requirements. This means: No Facebook (because it isn’t public) and no image creation and sharing platform or app which doesn’t allow users to add tags / search by tag.

* Rule 7 – tagging – if tagging isn’t possible in the mobile app, and you need to make a connection not possible on the mobile device to add / edit tags, your network doesn’t qualify.

** Rules 11 and 12.

The device you use to create and share images must be a mobile (cellular) network device – that is, it must have within it a SIM card which is capable of making an ‘over-the-air’ data connection via 3G, LTE or similar.

Without breaking the rules, you can use consumer hardware accessories such as attachable lenses, tripods, gels and filters; you can improvise with tin foil, water, fabric, vaseline, etc.; you can author your own app / software and run it on any standard device.

But, if you use a non-standard mobile device to begin with, or physically adapt a device beyond the simple addition of accessories, for example, replacing standard parts with high-specification components, then you must inform us when you submit your entry, or risk disqualification. If you have adapted a standard consumer device beyond simply adding accessories, select Customised Mobile Device in the entry form.

To keep the contest honest, our expert friends at Minneapolis Institute of Arts will forensically check suspect images.

*** Rule 14.

Children:  If you are shortlisted, you will need to show you have a parent’s or guardian’s consent. If you win, the adults will probably be legally allowed to get their hands on your prize money. So, we suggest that you tell them you are entering the Prix Mobile contest, and negotiate early.

****  Rule 15.

If you are shortlisted, and you are working with assistance, we’ll need to see evidence of your disabled status.

Still got questions? Read the FAQ.

The contest rules and guidelines, the Prix Mobile competition format, the concept and the event as outlined are © Copyright 2011 – 2013 Prize Arts. “Prix Mobile” and associated trademarks are © Copyright ™ and ® applied for. The laws applying to this contest are those of England and Wales, United Kingdom. Prize Arts Limited (Switzerland)  is the arbiter for all things Prix Mobile, our decision on all matters is final, and entries are accepted and prizes awarded at our sole discretion.

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