About the prize and exhibition

Prix Mobile rewards excellence in mobile art. The Prix Mobile prize winner receives a €1000 cash prize and a trophy.

Judges look for excellence in the field of mobile image making. The contest is judged on these criteria. Credit is given for artistic skills, development of the mobile art form, and conceptual and expressive originality.

Prix Mobile runs as follows.

1. Art must be created using one single mobile (cellular) device. Your device must not be a laptop or similar device, and not a DSLR. It can be a tablet so long as you can share art directly from it via a cellular (phone) network.

2. You can use any apps or software, exterior lenses, and you can modify your device

3. Art must be shared publicly from the device

4. Art must be tagged #prixmobile2013

5. Our eminent jury reviews all submissions, and compiles a shortlist to go forward for the prize.

6. Shortlisted artists have ten days to produce new work for an exhibition in Basel, Switzerland from Dec 31st to Jan 4th.

The winner is the person who in the judges’ considered opinion most celebrates and elevates mobile art.

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