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Amanda Heigel, Winner, Prix Mobile 2013

Amanda Heigel, Winner, Prix Mobile 2013

Amanda Heigel from Oregon, USA is the winner of Prix Mobile 2013.

The judges considered that Amanda’s work pushes the boundary between photography and abstract art. She managed to bring a sense of large scale to her images which confounded their origins, and her response to the shortlist challenge of images was at the same time cohesive and focused, yet open.

She used a first generation 8MP Samsung Galaxy to create her art for Prix Mobile. She said that she especially appreciated the opportunity to watch other artists work, people she has been following since the first Prix Mobile in 2011.

Amanda said, “It was enjoyable for us to have that dialogue of watching (each other) in other parts of the world taking photos and then getting to continue that online relationship. This time around it really wasn’t, I’m fighting against all these other people for this prize, it was, Oh wow! What program is he using? How did he get that effect? You’ve really taken this up a notch.. “

A multifaceted artist who works in a range of mediums including traditional printmaking, photography and bookbinding, Amanda, 31, recently graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree and has future plans to attend graduate school. For the immediate future, Amanda is focusing on her studio practice and spending time with her new baby.

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