The central task of the Prix Mobile panel is to reward excellence in the arena of mobile image creation.

Everyone is different, and deserves their art to be looked at with a fresh eye. Judges will be looking both with and for that eye.

Mobile images present multiple ways of looking at the world. No theme is preferred or expected. Innovation and originality will however be highly regarded.

Prix Mobile is style neutral. Regardless of aesthetic and technical accomplishment, the judges will reward contestants whose images interconnect cultures, and speak to a deeper human experience.

Prix Mobile is also platform and device agnostic. The tools do not matter, except that they are devices which bring everyone into the same arena of mobile digital creativity.

Prix Mobile is not a popularity contest. Decisions will be reached by careful deliberation and after consideration of the strength of the work.

Judges are looking for evidence that contestants are making images which effectively contribute towards the development of the form of mobile art.


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