Xavier Galland

Architects have always debated what defines a room. Does a room only exist if there are walls, a floor and a window? A new room in London is offering the experience to stay in a room constructed about the Southbank overlooking the Thames in return for reflecting upon their time and logging what they observe, think and what they are affected by while in this space. With all this in mind, what does a room with a view mean in today’s society of 7 billion inhabitants? What defines a room? Is the view just a one way thing?

A room with a view - 1. From my window. The night is now here and the freezing fog too. I'm feeling the warmness of the radiator. Trough the window, I'm just absorbed by the light movement of the cars along the house.

A room with a view - 2. From my window. Sommertime. This morning, the sun was bugging me. I just had to draw the white curtains and everything was fine again. It was time to enjoy my breakfast.

A room with a view - 3. From my window. Every day, I wake up to this hidden view and right now I feel like a prisoner in a nice cave. Am I afraid of the unknown outside world?

A room with a view - 4. Metamorphosis. This facade has a long history: it started with a monastery garden and became a house with this door access. Time past and the main entrance was moved. Only this scar is the remaining of this former room with view.

A room with a view - 5. Metamorphosis. I don't remember when it started to change but I know for sure, it was a store there before. Since years this closed view is waiting for a new life.

A room with a view - 6. Metamorphosis. It just started its metamorphosis few months ago. The scars were fresh and now they are not visible any more.

A room with a view - 7. Perceptions. To view or to be viewed? That's the question...

A room with a view - 8. Perceptions. Room perception is a cognitive, world-building act and is therefore never absolute or finished. Patrick Heelan.

A room with a view - 9. Perceptions. With today technologies, the area of infinite room views has come.

A room with a view - 10. Perceptions. The difference between old and new is a tiny moving frontier.

A room with a view - 11. Perceptions. Is a room a well delimited space or does it depends from our own perception?

A room with a view - 12. On the way. It's lunch time and the shadow ballet has begun.

A room with a view - 13. On the way.

A room with a view - 14. On the way. Is a room without light still a room?

A room with a view - 15. On the way. Always on the move, that's the motto of our today's society. Room perception is changing with us...