Monica Reksiedler

Photographer as Alchemist: Transforming Non-precious Metals into Gold

When we closely examine our quotidian life, we can find gold shimmering in the most unlikely of places. Photograph the gold that sparkles and catches your eye and share your new found wealth with a world that might just be blind to such treasure buried in plain sight.

Great and daunting news! I'M A FINALIST in the Prix Mobile: Art Prize and Exhibition! For the final part of the contest, I have a personal and unique challenge to respond to: "Photographer as Alchemist". As a photographer I can transform the most mundane things into precious and worth remembering moments! This is how I'll remember these sweet rainy days of autumn in Boston.

One of the most important ingredients for a photographer as an alchemist is SUNLIGHT! You just have to be there, ready to capture the moment sunlight hits the most ordinary of subjects and you'll witness its transformation into gold! This is my second submission to the challenge "Photographer as Alchemist" from @prixmobile!

A simple Daisy, all dressed up in water drops, neglected at the market! "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

The photographer's point of view can transform ordinary things into the stuff of fantasy. Looking for shapes in the clouds seem silly when you can have them for lunch! "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

My little girl running into de sunset... One of many moments spent at the beach, transformed into gold! "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

"When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!", Ted Grant "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

Caution: risk of bursting


Under my umbuhrella...

You gotta be extra fast when taking pictures of candy around kids!!

Free car wash...

Leaves in a puddle, starry night sky, golden fish in a pond... "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

Treasure buried inside my washing machine! "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission

Good night everyone!!!! Sweet dreams!

Shadow by the sea...

And I thought he was gonna ruin my shot!!!

#GoodMorning!! This was the first time I used IG's camera!!!

Getting closer to the ground, a change in perspective... Sometimes that's all a photographer needs to do to become an alchemist. "Photographer as Alchemist" challenge submission