Christian Steiauf

Everything is in the right place

How do you express harmony, the sense of things being well proportioned, or in balance? Or, is nothing ever in the right place for you – in which case, this could be interpreted ironically… or both, depending on which day or what time of day it is…

Swing rope in Autumn nature #leaves #node #rope

Blowball - everything in the right place

Duality flows in Harmony - two Balls #bw #minimal

lue Sky, Red Lake. Birth of Night again ...

Sticks and Shadows - Transparency Matters

Everything at the right place - Bud meets Needle

Sunset Flights

Mighty Tree, naked #bw #tree #lakeconstance

The very Special Moment of the Day

Balanced Force

Sunday Walk - have a wonderful Sunday dear #igers

Flora's Finger on the Piano - a wonderful journey through harmonies