Alan Kastner

A challenge based on John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’.

What is your ‘Imagine’? Lennon’s Imagine puts this energy in a positive light. Rather than saying down with the establishment, ‘Imagine’ is about unity and love – something the world could do with more of. Can you make a statement which allows people to have their voice heard, a la ‘Occupy’ but without directly encouraging political hyperbole?

Nathaniel's New Digs: After due consideration, I chose this image as the first of two entries for the Prix Mobile; as my response to the assigned personal challenge of sharing my 'Imagine'. It's quite easy to respond to in that this image is dedicated to a man who inspired me to imagine a world where all are united, and all share mutual love and respect for one another. In the hours immediately after we lost Nathaniel Cordova in a tragic accident on July 16th, I set out to hand-construct a haven where he could pursue his art freely, and where he and his many friends could kick back and schmooze in style. This truly means all people, as Nacho shared his love, warmth and respect equally with all he touched. His passion for his fellow man was infectious and treasured by all. He believed wholeheartedly in the bonds that connect all creatures on the planet, and his mindfulness continues to serve as a guiding beacon. Shine on, Nacho!

This is the second of two images in response to my personal challenge in the Prix Mobile. It represents my vision of a world that is filled with tranquility, love, equality and mutual understanding for all and between all. I've wrapped it in a raspberry coloured gradation as that is my favorite fruit.

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