Marianne Hope

Second Place

Collage in Paradise

Mix up images and combine them into collages conveying a sense of your own paradise. Think carefully about the use of colour and content, and make use of the symbolic meaning of the objects and scenes you use.

'Collages of paradise' If someone gave you the challenge to create that, what would you do?? About those exiting news I hinted about; I'm 1 of 30 shortlisted mobile photographers who have been chosen by @prixmobile for the final part of their contest, each getting their own personal and unique challenge. So guess what mine was? The fact that I see the world and all it's fascinating ingredients in quite a special way since joining instagram, noticing the little things, seeing the art of nature and realizing what a wonderful place we live in, it all couldn't be more fitting with the theme 'paradise'. As long as I'm somewhere where I can take pictures with my iPhone, I'm in paradise (just ask my hubby:)), simple as that! So here's my first entry to my very own challenge #PMC1111 (please don't join this tag, it's only to be used by me). I have 10 days to do this challenge, and can post as many collages as I want to, so you might have to see a few in the coming days. This is my first 'collage of paradise', a collection of minimalistic impressions symbolic of things that means something to me, symbolic of where I live and where I am very happy to live, Holland. My own and my family's paradise at the moment:) Sorry for the long caption....☺ These pictures can all be seen in #mhlomo btw:) Special thanks to @deanw who gave me the heads up about this contest in the first place

My second 'Collage of paradise' and it's also a collage of my before mentioned business cards!!!! Made with my favorite iPhone pictures! I told you they were cool:):) if you want to know more about the cards, see my blog (link on my IGfeed). And if you wonder what that weird title is all about, read my last collage post (the minimalistic one) Just for the record, this is a picture of my business cards arranged on a table, so not done in an app;) #PMC1111 @prixmobile :)

'Four seasons' of #mariannesleavesandtrees. Another collage for my personal 'Collage of paradise' challenge #PMC1111 @prixmobile :)

'The essence' I'm back to my 'Collages of paradise' again. And this one is presenting my love of minimalism and simplicity, how one can say so much with so little and how very often 'less is more'. These are some of my favorite pictures in that category and they represent a side of my style that I would never have discovered without my iphone, camera+ and instagram and it's filters. It's a piece of my photographic paradise and a very favorite at that:) If you want to see pictures and the themes of the other contestants, you can see it all on #PMC1111 @prixmobile