Alberto Nava

First Place

Urban Green research

How can we make our cities more green? Images in this challenge should raise questions and / or show possible answers.

¿Qué hacemos para vivir en ciudades más verdes?

Waiting for a cab in a greener city

In a regular emission vehicle

Green should not go underground

Green should be able to communicate all the time

Green should take steps

Green making his way

Green should take its time and its own rhythm

Green should take its place among us

Green and its rythm

Green and its way

Green has been waiting

Doors are not yet open to green

Green is stair prone

Green is better understood from its ground

Green should take its place

A new start for green

Green on its way

Green rises

Green too

Green still rising

Green next steps

Green striving

Green and the machine

Green keeps ongoing

Green has different capacities

Green walks

Green up 2

Green up

Green contemplating

What if we grow green on the roof?

Yes, on the roof

Get yourself a structure

Urban agriculture

Space is not a problem

Ràbano micro green

Let's go greener

Green is good

Soil is fundamental, obviously

Micro green is a universe

Strive for light

We should open more space for green

Low population

Taking more steps toward a greener city

Taking distance

Putting green in perspective

What does it take to take green to the next level

We just need to take firm steps to do it, make a list!

The down and green

What if we use those gaps?

And greener combustibles

Green despite concrete gray


Green at the park

Human interaction with green

The rebirth of a fallen giant

Still alive on the street

Green, birth, dead and Life

Green is with the street

Your former age

A greatness of no size

Your body lies all over the street, like a fine wood dust

Green loves company



If green could talk

Green's skin

We can't build cities like this anymore

Foundation of no city

Green's blood

Living with green inside the house