For full and detailed information about the Prix Mobile contest, please read the RULES AND GUIDELINES – you really will find everything there – and the notes which go with them. You should also read Terms and Conditions too – it’s a precondition for entry to the contest.

  1. Q: How do these rules work?

    A: The rules are designed to achieve a contest which is fair. First and foremost, Prix Mobile is about “mobile art”. This means that all entries to the contest need to be created on a single mobile (cellular) device, using apps which assist creativity (editing) and dissemination (sharing). Secondly, the organisers of Prix Mobile have worked hard to create a level playing field for all contestants, at the same time as making it possible for the judges to access the art via tags on public networks.

  2. Q: Why doesn’t Prix Mobile allow me to use Facebook?

    A: Our rules are established on the basis of commonality across many different networks. We have to exclude some social networks to make the contest work. Mostly, these impact Sharing, Editing and Tagging – see Rules 5, 6, and 7.

    The mobile app you use to share to a social network must have image editing functions – they must be creative networks, not just sharing networks (sorry, Tumblr); images must be shared publicly by default – i.e. anyone must be able to view images, without logging into the network; and anyone must be able to search for images on the social network by user-defined #tag, again, without having to be logged in (sorry, Facebook).

  3. Q: So what are valid social networks?

    A: Any network-connected app which makes art which is open to view (public), searchable by #tag, and which includes the facility to edit images (or video). For example (but not restricted to) Instagram, Streamzoo, EyeEm, Vine, Twitter, Flickr, G+, all qualify.

  4. Q: What are invalid social networks?

    A: If the mobile version (app) of a website doesn’t allow creative functionality (Tumblr) they are sharing but not creation apps. Facebook breaks rules 5, 6, and 7. Without public images and searchable tags, our judges won’t be able to find your art!

    It would be impossible to cover *all* such invalid networks, and that is why rules 5, 6 and 7 describe the requirements for valid ones.

  5. Q: Do I have to use Instagram (or whichever app) filters?

    A: No you don’t. You can use other apps to create and edit, if you want and in fact we have nothing against the use of multiple mobile apps. You can create, edit, tweak, generate, add to, or completely warp images using any mobile app, so long as it is running on the same device that you share from.

  6. Q: Can I use more than one mobile device – for example, take a photo on my camera phone, transfer it to my tablet, and then share it?

    A: No, because it would be like having two guns in a one gun competition. Any one photograph / image has to be entirely created with and shared from a single mobile device. This is one important way we maintain comparative quality.

  7. Q: Why can’t I insert non-mobile devices (desktop PCs, DSLRs) into the workflow?

    A: This would go against the spirit of fairness and aim and philosophy of the contest, which is the celebration of mobile art. Using a DSLR would be like having a tank, when everyone else has infantry.

  8. Q: What if my photostream also includes images which are non-mobile?

    A: Easy – just tag the mobile images #prixmobile2013 and ignore any other, and you are within the rules.

  9. Q: How many images can I submit to the contest?

    A: As many as you like. All images tagged correctly will be considered – exercise your discretion.

  10. Q: Oh dear. Reading this FAQ I now see I messed up my entry form. What can I do about that?

    A: If your entry requires a simple amendment, for example, you want to remove Facebook as your social network now that you understand the rules, then email prixmobile@gmail.com  – send us the information we need, i.e. your username and the qualifying social image network where you share images, and we’ll update your entry. If you want to start completely from scratch, email us, we’ll delete your entry and you can begin again.

    Updated 27th November 2013