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11.11 #fallen #remembered #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Topic - Veterans Day. Trend on 11th

"Left on the bench" #PMC211 #htc #scuddern Image inspired by Topic on Google Trends - Baseball, my experience of sport, being 'Left on the Bench' 12th November

Fighting Time! #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Topic on Google trends 13th November. - Boxing. This once,small but popular gym now stands boarded up and dilapidated. I once saw men walk from these premises a picture of health, but Time has taken it's toll on them now, much like the building they once trained in.

Confused Justice. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Inspiration from Google Trends - 14th November topic Rumpkestiltskin . I often thought the story a dark one but where is the Justice for the girl, Given up by her father on a lie, entrapped by a king for greed and tormented by a strange man.

Find your light. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Google Trend on 15th November - Diaspora. Having read of the untimely death of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, It stirred memories of the early death of my father, I find peace in amidst those past and look to the stars.

Mirror Mirror. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Google Trend on 16th November - Mirror Mirror. Are we scared of vanity?

Web blind. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Google Trend on 17th November - SOPA the Stop Internet Piracy Act which some fear will lead to Internet Censorship.

Raising the question? Water Mystery! #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Image inspired by Google Trend on 18th November - Natalie Wood. The LA County Sheriff’s Dept. said it will reopen its investigation into the 1981 drowning death of Natalie Wood. Water Mystery!

Silent Stars. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Inspiration from Google trends on 19th November Nothing spoke to me today, as hard as I tried. I often look to the stars when I'm in need of answers. Stars are silent tonight.

Fallen game. Fall on court. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 Inspiration from Google trends on 20th November or not? For the past 10 days I have watched basketball run in and out if the trending list, today it is conspicuous by it's absence. Is this the state of play? No one talks, no one plays?

My Tiger in the woods. #htc #scuddern #PMC211 My final lucky image for prix mobile. Google trend on 11.11 Tiger Woods.