Krisna Murti

Such A Perfect Day

What is your idea of a perfect day? Drink Sangria in the park? Feed animals in the zoo? This doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation of a perfect day, but it may be.

Embrace opportuity part 2 #PMC311

Riding family bicycle on a sunny day #PMC311

Perfect day for andrography #PMC311

Watching football game live inside the stadium #PMC311

Embrace opportunity #PMC311

Spending quality time with mommy #PMC311

Doing what I do best and make money out of it #PMC311

Enjoying the view in a tea plantation #PMC311

Playing with friends #PMC311

A walk in the park #PMC311

Lay back and relax all day long #PMC311

Supporting my national football team on SEA games #PMC311